Sunday, August 12

cakes... first attempt

Frankly, aku ni peminat cakes... tapi non-icing cake! *i dont like sweet foods*. Semua kek ni baked by my doter, Awin. Dia yg bersemangat nak masak kek, aku bersemangat makan jer. So ini first attempt dia bersama bantuan my Cooking Magic Panasonic Convection Oven. Layan gambar2 nie ye. 

 Kek Oren... of coz my feveret. Both thumbs up!

 The next day, followed by kek marble... my feveret also. Perghhh!

 Hasil kek marble... dapat 4 bintang sebab warna coco kurang menyerlah.

 Third day: Muffin pisang... this time ada helper cilik.. Qme.


 Coklat Moist Cake... saya kureng sikit dengan cake ni. Saja jer suruh Awin try.

 Naik cantik... ada harapan.

Presentation cuma boleh bagi 2 bintang jer tapi rasa 5 bintang!
Dont judge a cake by it's topping! Ahaks!

next mission : almond kek!


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